Even Easier S3 Jekyll deployment

Simply deploying your Jekyll site to S3

Inspired by this Hacker news post, I decided to share my new blog deployment system based on Amazon's new static site support on S3.

  1. Set up an S3 bucket for your site, as per this guide.

  2. Install s3cmd, if you use homebrew on OS X, it's as easy as brew install s3cmd

  3. Configure s3cmd: simply run s3cmd --configure and provide your AWS Access key and secret. You can also configure GPG at this time if so inclined.

  4. Setup a push script: I have a bash script located in my jekyll root directory simply named "push" that goes as such:


    s3cmd sync --delete-removed _site/ s3://{bucketname}

Now you can simply access your site from the website endpoints listed on the developer site. Of course you don't get the benefits of git like Sören's method, but its dead simple to set up.

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