My Motors Came!!

Received the motors that I purchased off of Ebay Today


The Box

Wheels in the box

The Whole System


Female Motor Connector

Motor Connector

The Controller

The Controller

Now onto the problem. The motors are great, and definitely worth the price. It also came with a motor controller though. This controller has 8 55V 110A [IRFP064N][9] HEXFET's. The only thing is that I have no idea how I would go about using this controller. Here is a Rundown:


H8/532 Main IC][10]

4 [IR2110S IC's][11]

2 GPS 35DAA010AKG ?

14 pin Joystick Connector

Any help would be appreciated in this matter. Not to mention that it would shave ~$300 off of the cost of this project. Thank You!

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